Saturday, December 6, 2008

Online Anatomy

In my previous posts I had suggested  Visible Body  ,  a perfect substitute for Atlases.
But most of the students could not get access the website , as it requires a 3D Grapics card to view the High definition Images.
 There is another website, which is equally good and will  run on  low configurations PC's.  The website is called Human Anatomy Online . A  huge advantage of this website is that it also provides a list of all possible parts under each system Seperately.

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Mike said...

You might want to try recently released BoneLab from Next Dimension Imaging. Although, it covers only skeletal anatomy, it goes much further than other anatomy visualization tools and it is also free.
Skeletal views can be created, annotated, commented and saved. Saved views can be quickly retrieved via a local annotation search engine. The program is easy to operate and can be downloaded at